Who we are

Karina and Carlos Mendez .
A couple of dog parents and and industrial designer :)

Why do we do this?

As any loving dog parents, we are always looking for ways to accessorize our pups with products that enhance the experience of having our dogs.
The problem we found was that while there are some choices in the market, all are made with poor attention to quality and detail.
We wanted something so good that we would wish we could wear it ourselves! This is what Chico&DOG strives to achieve.

Where do we manufacture?

All the labor is done in the United States of America.
We do this because making things locally allows us to be in constant contact with the production process making it easier to deliver an outstanding product.
It also stimulates our local economy (which is great because we live here too!)

Have any questions?

Email us at contact@chicoanddog.com